What’s On Your Mind With Jillian Schembri from Wear One’s At.

I find joy in movement by tapping into my inner child. There’s a carefree, playful energy I feel when moving my body that makes me happy!

March is a special month here at the ness because it's our birthday month. This year we are turning four! To celebrate our birthday we are hosting a virtual retreat the weekend of March 17th- 19th (available for all digital subscribers), sharing a social series featuring trainers and clients and releasing a limited edition unitard in collaboration with Wear One's At.

Wear One's At is premium women's activewear designed for people who live life through movement (us!)

When we first met founder Jilliann Schembri we knew we would be fast friends. Not only does she flawlessly merge her two worlds of fashion design and fitness training into a fresh and unique perspective, but she produces elevated wardrobe staples that let you sweat 'quietly.'  All her pieces are designed for a lifestyle driven by activity with the desire to feel really good while doing it. Sounds right up our alley eh?

We got a chance to chat with Jillian Schembri for this month's What's On Your Mind? A series where we explore all things wellness, movement and self care with the founders of some of our favorite brands.

Let’s get into what Jillian had to say.

What's one way you find your joy in movement?

I find joy in movement by tapping into my inner child. There’s a carefree, playful energy I feel when moving my body that makes me happy! Work life can be pretty demanding, so it’s important for me to be able to “play.” 

What's the best piece of self-care advice you've ever received?

A little bit, every day.

How do you stay creative, inspired, motivated in your day-to-day life?

I prioritize taking care of my body and my space to stay mentally clear which allows for more creative thoughts to be present. If I feel good, I'm in a way better position for my work and personal life to flourish.

What's the biggest lesson you've learned as a founder?

Oh there’s been SO many things. The biggest one and the hardest lesson for me personally was: having patience. Naturally when you’re excited and eager about something you want it to happen instantly, but learning to have patience and a solid plan has forced me to become a better designer

What does community mean to you? And how do you go about finding your own?

Community to me means coming together with people who feel passionate about common ideas and then bonding over them. In my work I’m frequently shooting content and working with new people which has led to a network of long lasting friendships, so I feel lucky for that!

We also hit Jillian with 5 Rapid Fire Questions!

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To learn more about Jillian and Wear One's At, check out the website here

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