where fit[ness] meets your[ness]

tucked away where tribeca meets chinatown


the ness is an intimate oasis where fit [ness] meets your [ness] 

although unassuming, the workout method is anything but ordinary. offering beat based trampoline cardio and muscle sculpting, the small class setting is more like an effervescent private session with your friends than your average fitness class.

trainers take off their hat and join you in sweating through an effective and engaging 50 minutes.




find together[ness] with group classes

BOUNCE: step in, warm up, bounce down, showtime, sculpt a little, sweat a lot. Bounce breathes new life into cardio. As a low impact combination builds on your personal trampoline, the lymphatic system detoxifies with every beat. Be forced to drop into the action and tune out the distractions while you improve stamina, stability and balance.

SCULPT: find the breath, embrace the flow, explore new planes of motion and discover your strength in this beat based sculpting session. stay challenged with the use of various props and expect to feel that heart rate rise




Discover still[ness] with private training

private training: take up the space, be selfish, hog your trainer all to yourself, ask questions, set personal goals, be held accountable, check your form, speed it up or slow it down. book a private training session in home, online or at the studio for that extra attention you deserve.


take the ness with you wherever you go with online private training.

whether you have been dying to try from outside NYC or can’t bare to be without your trainer while you travel, we offer 30 and 60 minute digital privates in both bounce and sculpt. No equipment [ness]essary.

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406 Broadway Level Three, NY NY 10013