the ness

nycs premier workout for trampoline cardio and muscle sculpting. in person and online, the ness is an intimate oasis where fitness meets your ness.

Movement is joy

The Ness is an intimate experience where the workout is anything but ordinary. We want you to be able to enjoy The Ness at your pace and, (if you choose) your place. That’s why we offer a range of classes—from group instruction to private training to live and on-demand sessions you can do anywhere.
All classes


The Ness Digital includes over 700 videos on - demand, studio livestreams, and seasonal programs + challenges.  With 10 different modalities to choose from, new content is dropped weekly with a variety of sessions ranging from 10 - 50 minutes.


Located downtown on the edge of Tribeca and Chinatown, our airy space provides the perfect setting for our high energy trampoline and muscle sculpting sessions. 


Private training allows you to customize your experience by focusing on your individual goals. In person and online sessions available.

Anything But Ordinary

Although everyone’s personal goals and results are different, there are a number of benefits from spending time at The Ness. All of our classes work on engaging the body and mind by building combinations, helping to improve memory, sensory awareness and coordination.
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