We take a different approach to movement. We don’t subscribe to outdated ideology about fitness and weight loss. We want…

The Method

When you begin our method you are immediately immersed into a community of encouraging movers. Expect to feel challenged as you learn to shift your body in a way experienced only with us. Just like starting anything new, it can take 3 - 4 classes to get your footing on the trampoline or become accustomed to the format. A mind body connection will be harnessed while contagious joy starts to buzz.
We know that we’re not for everyone but are inviting anyone who’s interested to have a seat at our table.

On The Trampoline

Our signature trampoline cardio class. Bounce is a beat-based, low impact, high adrenaline workout.

Off The Trampoline

A full body, beat-based sculpt session that uses a variety of props such as skimmers, free weights, resistance bands and body weight.


Benefits of our Method:

  • Mental Stamina: All ness classes are choreography based, pushing you to learn new routines each time you take class. This allows you to practice focus and build mental endurance as well as improve memory skills + coordination.
  • Emotional Stamina: Because there’s no option but to remain present throughout our workout, you can engage in your session in a more deeply, emotionally fulfilling way.
  • Physical Stamina: All of our classes are designed to ensure that you are getting the most out of your workout, whether you are spending 10 or 50 minutes with us. Classes are paced with minimal rest time between exercises, increasing endurance and stamina.

Benefits of bounce:

  • Low impact + Longevity: When bouncing the support of a soft trampoline mat + elastic cords absorb the weight of your landing, reducing the impact on your joints. This allows for not only a high intensity, low impact workout, it also allows you to continue bouncing safely later on in life.
  • Lymphatic Drainage: The lymphatic system removes toxins and waste from the body. Because the lymph system is not self sustaining it relies on us to drain and circulate lymph fluid throughout the body. Our beat based trampoline cardio challenges you to lift away and drive your feet back to the trampoline in a downward motion in a variety of positions. This action gives your lymphatic system the push it needs to circulate properly.

Our Trainers

We’re real with you so you can be real with us. We want you to feel good IRL, and that means showing up as ourselves so you can feel comfortable doing the same. We won’t tell you how to be. Who you are is good enough.


The ness is looking for highly motivated, driven, and passionate individuals. We are looking for self-motivated team members with great attitudes who want to contribute to the growth of our company.


The ness, an internationally acclaimed fitness studio and digital platform specializing in trampoline cardio, is hiring instructors to lead in person group classes and private training sessions at our new Bridgehampton studio.

Job Description:

We are seeking passionate, energized, movers who are interested in immersing themselves in our method and building community. If you are selected, you will complete the ness certification, free of charge. Your certification will include in person and virtual training sessions with seasoned ness team members, as well as three site visits to the ness flagship studio in Tribeca.

As a ness trainer, you will program and teach up to 8 ness method classes, a mix of bounce, sculpt, and stretch, and up to 8 private training sessions per week. Additional job requirements include:

– Assisting front desk team with class set up and/or check-in during peak hours
– Communicating regularly with ness HQ to share general updates, requests or needs, and other pertinent information regarding the Hamptons space
Compensation: $30-$50/hr depending on experience + % commission structure
Details: Must be local to Hamptons/Long Island or willing to commute to Bridgehampton to teach. Teaching experience and fitness certifications suggested, but not required.
When: Please apply by sending your headshot and resume to aly@thenessnyc.com. If accepted into the next round you will be asked to attend an audition and in person interview.

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