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the ness offers trampoline workouts online and in person at our nyc studio. view all of our different classes and sign up for the best one for you today!

Simple Bounce

If you’re brand new to trampoline exercise classes, returning from injury, or older in age, simple bounce is the class for you. You will learn the basics of our bounce workouts with slower beats, simpler combinations, and built-in breaks. The ness trampoline fitness classes are designed to help you build endurance, coordination, and confidence on the trampoline. Sneakers required.

Simple Sculpt

Designed for those new to exercise, returning from injury or older in age, our simple sculpt class is a beginner-friendly low-impact strength and mobility workout. With emphasis on high repetition, you will build muscle strength and endurance, body awareness, coordination, and agility. Sneakers required.

Bounce Stability

Created to ease you onto the trampoline, bounce stability is a combination of small cardio bursts and sculpt exercises. This mat and trampoline workout class integrates balance techniques, strength sections, and short combinations that will build your endurance and coordination. Sneakers required.

Mat Sculpt

Mat sculpt takes place on the floor for those seeking the lowest-impact workout. This sculpt class uses prop-based and body-weight exercises to build muscle strength and mobility without ever leaving the mat. Sneakers optional.

Bounce Essentials

In bounce essentials, cardio and coordination are the focus. You’ll perfect beginner bounce moves on the trampoline, pushing your stamina with longer cardio sections and challenging your memory by learning a combination throughout the class. This trampoline workout class is a low-impact, high-cardio, dance-based workout. Sneakers required.

Ness Sculpt

Our ness sculpt class emphasizes strength, mobility, and mindfulness. This beat-based workout class activates your muscles through high repetition of movements and challenges your memory by building a long, choreographed routine throughout the entirety of your session. Sneakers suggested.

Bounce Intermediate

Bounce intermediate is a high-cardio, low-impact workout, designed for those with some trampoline exercise experience. This class comes together quickly with complex choreography and the introduction of more advanced moves such as single-leg knee drives and kicks. Sneakers required.

Classic Sculpt

Through creative strength sequences, our classic sculpt class focuses on isolated muscle burnout and building muscle endurance with high repetitions of each exercise. In this low-impact sculpt class, you will effectively and efficiently target each body section by putting together a series of mini combinations. Sneakers suggested.

Bounce Advanced

Up for a challenge? This trampoline fitness class is it. Bounce advanced is a fast-paced workout with quick choreography breakdowns and faster beats on the trampoline, making it high-intensity cardio while still low impact. This bounce class is designed for the expert bouncer and we recommend it for those who have taken 20+ ness bounce classes. Sneakers required.

Cardio Sculpt

Cardio sculpt is a strength-based class that moves at a faster pace. Using skimmers, free weights, and resistance bands as well as body weight exercises this sculpt class offers a high-intensity, low-impact, cardio challenge off the trampoline. Sneakers required.

Bounce HIIT

Perfect for those who want more cardio than choreography, bounce HIIT is a trampoline workout class that pairs simple, but explosive bounce moves with high-intensity interval training. Sneakers required.


Incorporating bounce and sculpt, our duo class consists of half trampoline cardio and half strength training so you can have it all. This is a low-impact, high-intensity class that combines the two pillars of the ness method for a full body workout. Sneakers required.

Super Strength

Super strength is a heavy-lifting strength class on the mat that brings our beat-based method to a circuit-style session. This full-body weight training class will challenge you to move at a slower pace to emphasize building muscle and balanced strength through steady repetition. Sneakers suggested.


Ranging from 5 to 15 minutes, focus videos are there for you when you’re short on time and need a quick movement fix. These workout snacks are categorized by body section and are offered both on and off the trampoline. Sneakers suggested.

Ness Stretch

With a slow, steady flow of movement, ness stretch is a recovery-based class. This class incorporates the signature choreography component of our beat-based workout method into a long-format stretch session for an active, warming stretch, that will leave you feeling lengthened and loose. Socks or bare feet suggested.