Planting Seeds

Y’all know April showers bring May flowers, but why is it taking so long for our seeds to sprout?

Y’all know April showers bring May flowers, but why is it taking so long for our seeds to sprout? We dig and get muddy as heck in our gardens, but sometimes still doubt whether we are doing enough or if it’s even worth it. It can feel tricky and frustrating to continuously put the work in when you have zero patience to wait for the end result. If you are feeling this way just remember, flowers don't bloom overnight. Once the seed settles, it needs nutrients to create roots and continue growing.

When you shift your perspective and think of your time as nourishment for your goals, any bit of effort (even seemingly insignificant) is never wasted. Change is not an instant action. While current times might create different expectations (hello, amazon prime) true growth takes a beat. So, how do we make the shift to enjoy the process and the final product instead of just the latter? Let's start with attempting to stay present.

The Journal of Research in Personality explains that staying present forces us to monitor and attend to current experience instead of either: a) attempting to predict future events or  b) dwelling on the past.

Here at the ness we not only view our daily practice as nourishment, but as maybe the only time in the day where we get to practice presence. While the choreography component of our beat-based method is fun as hell, it also serves another purpose: mindfulness. When we build a sculpt or bounce phrase piece by piece, you need to stay present in order to remember sequencing. This necessary focus on the now is perhaps one of the reasons why the movement feels so joyful. Even if you mess the combo up every single time, there is such a sense of fullness and wholeness, that can’t truly be articulated. That’s because there is no space for dwelling nor time for worrying; there is only you and your breath. So next time you start to question when you are going to get there, remember to enjoy the how just as much. Flow out and enjoy vibing in your garden.

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