goodbye summer body

This is your reminder that every body is a summer body if it exists in summer.

This is your reminder that every body is a summer body if it exists in summer. While the influx of content we are exposed to on the daily suggests otherwise, let’s take a step back. If you’ve found yourself in or close to a self-worth spiral, recognize you’re not alone and you’re most likely just caught up in the perpetuation of the often unrealistic and unsustainable need to look a certain way for the season.

Your worth is not synonymous with your appearance. Your character, values, beliefs, curiosities, and power, extend far beyond your physicality. I know this is one of those things that you can hear a million times and glaze over, so today you’re going to start believing it. Sadly this isn’t just going to magically happen. Like anything in life, it takes time and energy.

Remember a few months ago when a float kick seemed impossible? A sprint at the end of showtime unimaginable? A squat to overhead press with your 10lb Bala completely out of the question? Well look at you now! You put the work in. You gave yourself the time. You continued to show up, despite the challenge and you feel the difference. Reps, reps, reps! And while repetition is effective to strengthen our physical selves, it’s just as useful for our mental well-being.

The next time you start to seek sole value in your appearance and minimize your worth to a summer body, remember that you have the capacity to exist as a full, well-rounded, multi-seasonal being. Just as you allow yourself the space to take up space and find freedom during a sculpt or bounce class, give other aspects of your life this same patience and trust. At the root of our method is the joy, the breath, the indescribable feeling of movement and this doesn’t just disappear when class ends. Carry all of this intentional focus and presence with you in your day so that the next time you start to spiral, you can remind yourself that you are more than your body. 

You are all of the moments, laughs, lessons, connections, achievements, memories and experiences that your body allows you to create. What a lovely choice it is to unsubscribe from the concept of summer body and welcome in a wave of wholeness. 

Akash and Nikita of Fable & Mane

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