What’s On Your Mind With Akash & Nikita

My parents always used to tell me that my own self love and care came first – you can’t care for anyone else without giving yourself that love and care first.

It all started at the roots for sibling founders, Akash and Nikita Mehta. As we start to transition from long summer nights to breezy fall days, it often feels good to reconnect to our roots - the things that keep us grounded and balanced. It also feels good to do the things that make us feel confident and energized. Whether that's a wellness routine, yummy food, or exceptional hair-care. Cause you know what they say, when you look good, you feel good! For September, we're excited to bring Akash & Nikita, founders of Fable & Mane for this month's installment of What's On Your Mind?

Akash is a British entrepreneur and the CEO of Fable & Mane, with a passion for sharing South Asia’s rich culture with the world. After graduating from Imperial College London in Engineering, he worked at Burberry, Estée Lauder Companies, and Dior, building his digital marketing expertise that led to his placement on the Forbes ’30 under 30’ list in Media & Marketing, and appearances at some of the largest conferences around the world, from TEDx to industry summits. He is also a board member and investor in LVMH’s Patou, a UNICEF Global Guardian and the host of the Founded Beauty podcast. 

Nikita is the Creative Director, storyteller, and product visionary behind Fable & Mane. With a passion for Ayurvedic ingredients, product innovation and all things wellness, her mission is to awaken your roots with wild wisdom and share South Asian culture and rituals with the world. Nikita graduated from UCL in Computer Science & Management and spent her career building prestige and luxury fragrances. 

Fable & Mane is a modern hair wellness brand that brings Indian wisdom to the world for strong, healthy, and hydrated hair, starting at the roots. Powered by Ayurvedic ingredients, each product is consciously crafted in vegan, lightweight and silicone-free formulas, intently balanced with fragrance blends that transport you to the divine. Fable & Mane is dedicated to protecting and re-wilding big cats in Asia and Africa with their charity, The Fable Fund. Their mission is to raise awareness and support local conservation initiatives to reduce human-wildlife conflict and restore the habitat of wild tigers; for a beautiful mane, mind and world.

We love the emphasis on growing from within and couldn't agree more with Nikita's grandfather that growth comes from good thoughts, free movement, and a cup of yummy tea. It's a treat to hear from two inspiring founders at once!

Let’s get into what Akash & Nikita had to say.

What's one way you find your joy in movement?

Akash: I find joy in movement through working out. It allows me to focus on all points of my body and give love and strength to the parts of my body that need it most each day.

Nikita: I love any free flow movement – that could be dancing, shaking, or yoga. It helps with my energy and boosts my mood, even after the most tiring day.

What's the best piece of self-care advice you've ever received?

A: My parents always used to tell me that my own self love and care came first – you can’t care for anyone else without giving yourself that love and care first.

N: The best piece of advice I’ve received is to worry less, smile more, and live in the now! Worry less is what I live by the most – not only can worrying cause hair loss, make you stress and age faster, but it’s unnecessary! As someone who used to overthink everything, this simple self-care mantra has really helped to give me more trust in life. 

How do you stay creative, inspired, motivated in your day-to-day life?

A: For me it’s all about micro practices that I dot throughout the day, that lead on to the bigger rituals. I don’t pressure myself to do everything every day, either. For example, some micro practices are things like building Lego in the evening, going to the gym, treating myself to a nice meal out, and meeting friends. These small things remind me to keep a healthy balance, keep me motivated when I need to re-energize and stay inspired!

N: I feel the most creative when spending time in nature. I walk barefoot every morning on my grass outside; it grounds me, and all my best ideas come from nature because that wholeness makes you feel a part of something greater than yourself. To stay motivated, I love learning and reading – I’m always a student. I love trying new products and expanding my horizons. I find inspiration from people, through meditation and finding the joy of life!  

What's the biggest lesson you've learned as a founder?

A: The biggest lesson I’ve learned as a founder is that it’s okay not to know it all, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying! I try not to ask for too much advice or an instant solution because I like to make mistakes and learn and grow. If I went back in time and taught myself all the things that I know now, I might not be the same leader or founder as I am today. Ultimately, go with it and always look forward, even if sometimes you take two steps forward and one step back!

N: Learning to let go and not controlling every situation. There is beauty in letting go.

What does community mean to you? And how do you go about finding your own?

A: Community is tethered to you who are. We always evolve and change, so your community might too. The people you surround yourself with are an extension of you; they bring you up when you’re down and vice versa. Our community is our tribe that we need to nourish, protect, and let flourish at the same time. I found my own community by looking for people who are similar to me or have had similar journeys, and what’s important for me is that they’re able to listen as well as share – and vice versa! I look for people who are invested in being in my life.

N: Community is so important because it gives connection, a meaning to life and enriches your experiences. Finding my own community is finding people with similar values or identities. I think it starts from your energy, so your vibration and your frequency will attract like-minded people, so you become a magnet and that’s the law of manifesting.  

We also hit Akash & Nikita with 5 Rapid Fire Questions!

What are you:


A: I’m not reading anything at the moment, most of my books are puzzle books! I love stimulating my mind and my favourite puzzle book right now is The GCHQ Puzzle Book.

N: The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself by Michael A. Singer. It’s all about letting go.



A: I’m currently watching The Traitors. I’ve binged through the US and UK seasons, and now I’m onto the Australian version – I’m addicted!

N: Made in Heaven on Amazon Prime. It’s an Indian drama all about marriage and it’s excellent at showing what modern love is!


Listening to:

A: ‘7 Seconds’ by Joezi

N: I’m listening to two things on repeat – a mantra playlist by Deva Premal & Miten which removes negative energy in the morning. I also love The Michael Singer podcast which I listen to three hours a week.

Learning about

A: Hindi. I understand the basics, but I’d like to be able to speak and understand it fluently. I’ve been able to speak Gujarati since childhood and it’s time for me to get fluent in another Indian language!

N: I’m learning about tantra yoga and Ayurveda right now – the ancient Indian arts!

Traveling to

A: My next non-related work trip is to Madeira for some diving and hiking! I’m gearing up for my big trip later in the year to the Mount Everest base camp. 

N: I’m traveling to Bandhavgarh in Madhya Pradesh, India, to see the wild tigers.

To learn more about Fable & Mane, check out the website here

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