benefits of coordination: why do we care?

maybe not the most “glamorous,” but coordination is the building block for all other aspects of fitness

i’m sure we’ve heard it over and over again: coordination is key, but maybe it’s time to understand just why we should care so much?

here at the ness, we firmly believe that coordination is the building block and foundational element for all other aspects of fitness. with coordination comes the ability to sustain one’s performance in the most effective and efficient manner. perhaps we don’t hear or talk about coordination enough because it is not as trendy or enticing as physical changes or lymphatic drainage, but the mental shift that occurs as a result of coordination transforms all facets of life, way beyond the physical.

the majority of tasks within our lives, whether we recognize it or not, require coordination. add the backdrop of our daily hustle. running, quite literally, late to a meeting attempting to carry all those groceries in just one go (it’s definitely possible) and now suddenly, we recognize the importance of movement efficiency or else we would be living complete chaos.

so let’s break it down: what is coordination? coordination, put simply, can be defined as one’s ability to use various parts of the body together. upper and lower, mental and physical, all working as one cohesive unit. although people often believe coordination is something you either have or don’t, aka the difference between a professional dancer and someone whose go-to dance move is the sprinkler (still a solid choice), it is actually a learned skill. just as repetition of movement, ie. a bicep curl, allows one to strengthen and build muscle, the sequencing of these reps, ie. a bicep curl into a shoulder press, benefits our coordination.

at the ness, both bounce and sculpt methods allow for this full mind/body immersion. add the driving beat-based nature of our method and you have a harmonious pairing of mental and physical. a coordinated dance of balance and ease.

so while you might think you’re as uncoordinated as they come, you don’t have to stay that way. keep working towards a little more coordination and a little less chaos.

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