5 reasons to tune in for a digital class livestream

can’t make it into the studio IRL but still craving a ness sweat? tune in digitally for a livestream class and leave with that same feel-good energy.

change it up, break it up

a live class is a great way to come back to a routine or start a new one. take your pick - you can move bright and early, as a lunch time break, or get in a post-work sweat. we love our regular live class line up because each day we can spend a whole 50 minutes together in real-time, uninterrupted.

BYOF (bring your own friend)

have a friend or family member who wants to hop in a class? want to workout with a friend from afar without trying to “press play” at the same time? group classes let you move together, even if you are apart.


the biggie. we know you’re doing a lot. life sometimes gets in the way, but with a live class we take less than an hour out of our day just for us. when you sign up, we expect that we’ll see your face and when we don’t...well...there may be consequences :)


you’ve got eyes on you. we mean this in the best way. not only are you getting the chance to get real-time adjustments from your trainer, but you are challenged to be better. it takes all of us to keep the momentum going, and by showing up as a group you are helping to do just that.


what we love most: together[ness]. we get to see you as you are, in that moment. it’s not always perfect, but we’re all there together. pop in early to chat with your trainer or others in the class, stay back after to re-try the combo- this is your time to connect with our community around the world.

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