What’s On Your Mind With Negar Mohammadi

14th Night is a ultra-effective, clean, and natural haircare brand rooted in the Persian beauty secrets that Negar grew up with.

We couldn't close out the year without doing one more installment of what's on your mind? It's been an incredible year hearing from founders and creating a space where they can share their stories. Part of the reason you come to the ness in-studio or online is because it's so much more than a workout. It's a lifestyle of being kind to yourself, practicing self-compassion, and offering endless grace on your personal wellness journey. We created that space for you because we didn't always get that feeling of inclusion and belonging in previous fitness spaces that we frequented. Similarly, Negar, founder of the clean haircare brand, 14th Night, didn't see effective luxury natural hair products on the market that worked for her, so she created her own! We are thrilled to bring Negar in for the December installment of what's on your mind?

14th Night is a ultra-effective, clean, and natural haircare brand rooted in the Persian beauty secrets that Negar grew up with.  Her family taught her about the magic of Pomegranates ; both in Persian poetry and in use for health and beauty.  The oil from its seeds are pure magic and can bring the driest strands back to life!  She has incorporated pomegranate oil in every 14th Night Product along with other prized beauty botanicals including argan, almond and camellia seed oils. Her intent is to create super effective, luxurious and clean products that give everyone their best hair ever, naturally (as in without being dependent on heavy styling or salon treatments.)

It's always inspiring to chat with founders and hear their stories, and so often the through-line is creating something that you didn't see or wanted to improve. Whether you're an entrepreneur, an aspiring entrepreneur or neither, it's a reminder to listen to the whisper in your heart. The impossible is possible when you believe in yourself! I hope you've been enjoying this series as much as we have!

Let’s get into what Negar had to say.

What's one way you find your joy in movement?

Surfing! I love how meditative it is to be in the water, disconnected from technology with nothing to focus on but the waves.

What's the best piece of self-care advice you've ever received?

To be true to yourself and honor your intuition.

How do you stay creative, inspired, motivated in your day-to-day life?

I’m lucky to live in New York City, surrounded by so much talent and find inspiration from my amazing friends. I also try to experience art and music offerings in the city as much as I can as it always unlocks some creativity that’s been brewing inside. Aside from that, I’m a voracious reader and love getting lost in literature.

What's the biggest lesson you've learned as a founder?

To trust oneself and be confident in your vision. Everyone has an opinion! And while I’m so grateful people are so into the brand, I try to be mindful of not letting other's opinions derail me away from what I’m intuitively drawn to create.

What does community mean to you? And how do you go about finding your own?

Like-minded individuals who come together in support and celebration of one another. I’ve found my favorite community through activities that bring me joy - such as surfing and dance. I’ve also found an amazing entrepreneurial community and love how we all cheer each other on, celebrating wins and sharing advice based off experience.

We also hit Negar with 5 Rapid Fire Questions!

What are you:


 I just finished Tomorrow, Tomorrow, and Tomorrow and loved it so much. Next on my list is Henry and June by Anais Niin - one of my favorite writers of all time. 


Old Audrey Hepburn films - Sabrina is my absolute favorite, followed by Roman Holliday.

Listening to:

Everything but have been revisiting the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack (the Baz Luhrman film) and love it all over again.

Learning about:

Nano-chemistry! I know.. Nerd Alert. 

Traveling to:

Nosara in January and then Maui in February for my friend Claire (Founder of the Elk)’s wedding.

To learn more about Negar and 14th Night, check out the website here

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