Mixtape Volume III

We’re taking it one step further in the name of pure fun, and this year’s edition of Mixtape is no exception.

One of my favorite parts about summer is the subtle, relaxed vibe it brings to most aspects of our lives. While some of us may not even have considerable travel plans, schedules and routines are left behind to welcome outdoor dinners, weekend road trips, and beach reading. It's always refreshing to break away from our day to day, but when fall appears - in that sudden way that it does - getting back into the schedule that comes with it can sometimes feel like being thrown into the pool with your clothes on: fundamentally you're okay, but nonetheless, it’s a shock.

When we're busy, making time for your movement practice can drop to the bottom of the list or even feel like a chore when it’s usually something you look forward to doing. Enter, our annual mixtape program. Incorporating new 45 minute on demand bounce and sculpt classes, and some livestream offerings too, Mixtape is designed to help you find the joy in your movement routine with themed playlists so good you won't be able to resist getting back into your groove. We could give you regular themed playlists like "2000’s hits" or "90's Throwbacks", but in true ness fashion, we’re taking it one step further in the name of pure fun. And this year's edition of Mixtape is no exception. Our favorite part? We turn to our kickass members community to help us decide which songs they want to hear for each theme!

Though we can't give away all of our secrets, here are a few themes to get you excited for  Mixtape Vol. 3:

you're watching disney channel!

music videos you wish you lived in 

missed the world tour, but made this playlist

I only watch the superbowl for the halftime show

hi, Barbie!

Here is everything you need to know about mixtape:

  • Mixtape includes 8 new bounce and 8 new sculpt classes on demand as well as 4 livestream offerings rolled out over the course of two weeks
  • Week 1 kicks off on Monday, October 9th and week 2 begins on Monday, October 15th
  • Each class has a themed playlist for you to enjoy, and music is balanced louder than the trainers’ voice so you can really jam out 
  • Each week will offer a bounce, sculpt and mixed track to follow along with

We can’t wait to see you online!

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