Trainer Takeover: Colette’s Picks

Every other month one of our incredible team members will curate a selection of their favorite ness digital classes just for you.

Welcome to the first of a brand new series - the ness digital trainer takeovers. Every other month one of our incredible team members will curate a selection of their favorite ness digital classes just for you. Starting us off is Colette; one of our kickass founders and trainer voted most likely to make class feel like her very own Netflix comedy special. Let's see what she has in store for us.

Day One: bounce stability #19 | TRL Total Body  

  • I love to start my week with a bounce stability class. It’s the perfect way to ease into movement, check in with form, get your heart pumping and exert the right amount of energy. I always leave feeling energized and like I put the work in during this class, but never exhausted. It’s never too hard, never too easy and truly has it all. It’s actually giving April 25th if you get the reference. 

Day Two: bounce advanced #46 | monster float

  • I find I have more energy to tackle challenging classes at the beginning of the week, so next up is a hard and sweaty bounce advanced. I like this class because the moves are advanced, but the combination isn’t super long so we really have time to dig into the reps and punch it. It feels so good to float the legs and let them fly when you finally master the combo.

Day Three: ness sculpt #53 | functional core strength 

  • Mid week is a heavy weight sculpt session. I have been trying to lift heavier weights this year and have been loving the results I am seeing. I feel stronger and more connected to my core than ever plus it’s good to know I am doing something good for my bones as I age. Ness sculpt is perfect for this because I still get the choreography I love and don’t get bored just doing 12 reps lifting 25lbs over my head.

Day Four: bounce essentials #26 | cardio party 

  • By day four you can expect to be pretty sore, so tapering down to a beginner level class will help to keep you going. This class is perfect to shake it out because it’s beginner choreography, but not beginner cardio. With zero breaks, you will still be jamming out for 30 minutes with a guaranteed sweat. This would be a good time to tack on a 10 minute stretch post class as well.

Day Five: advanced duo #14 | twist variations

  • When I tell you I love a twist, I LOVE a twist. They make me feel alive like a 3D human and feel so good for my back and core. They are my go to when traveling and feel bloated/need digestion help as well. Then when I tell you I love a duo, I LOVE a duo. I like to compartmentalize (should maybe seek help for this) and the way duos get the bounce done and move on are very appealing to me. 

Day Six: upper body focus #112 | free arm fun 

  • There is nothing easier or harder to do than free arms. You can do it literally anywhere, anytime, anyplace, but the burn and upper body activation will be harder than anything you do all week. 

Day Seven: stretch focus #113 | smooth spinal mobility 

  • The last day is a rest day with some light movement and a delicious stretch. Go for a 60 minute walk outside!

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