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ELASTIC BUNGEE CORD MAINTENANCE if you are participating in regular trampoline classes, the elastic bungee cords are seeing a lot…


if you are participating in regular trampoline classes, the elastic bungee cords are seeing a lot of mileage. one of the draws of the ness trampoline is the smooth, quiet, and supportive bounce, but if the cords aren’t being taken care of, you aren’t getting the best experience and you could be putting strain on the mat.


  • check your cords at least every 3-6 months
  • know when to adjust your cords. at 30-minute continuous bounce workouts, you will need to adjust the firmness of your cords after about 125 classes. watch the how to adjust your cords video.
  • replace your cords every 2 years

replace when

  • thick-thin appearance in the cord, indicating it is overly stretched
  • uneven distances/length of cords around the diameter of the trampoline
  • longer cords in one area

buy replacement cords


our arched-leg rebounders were engineered to be light enough for stacking or transporting and strong enough for high weight ratings and intense exercises by multiple types of users.


  • keep the included allen wrench handy and tighten the legs every few month

replace when

  • wobbly or loosened legs and/or handle bar legs
  • scratches around the edge of the frame


the ness trampoline mat will typically outlast the lifespan of the elastic cords. it’s important to remember, however, each bouncer interacts with the mats differently. keeping your mat clean and checking it regularly will keep it going for many years to come.


  • check your mat at least every 3-6 months; at the same time you check your cords
  • wipe mats regularly with non-caustic cleaning wipes or warm water (mild soap) and paper towel or cleaning cloth

replace when

  • visible signs of pulling or stretching of the permatron mat fabric near the nylon edge; where the mat ends and the skirt begins
  • fraying mat fabric or stitching
  • to purchase a replacement mat, call or email jumpsport


the silicone “rubber” feet on the bottom of the legs of the ness trampoline will save the floor from scuffing and help the rebounder grip the floor during use. if the feet are worn unevenly or get a hole in them, it may cause the rebounder to not sit flat and can cause uneven wear and tear on the elastic bungee cords.


  • check silicone feet every few months and keep a couple back-ups on hand
  • remove the silicone feet and check the hard plastic plug. if you see cracks, then call or email jumpsport to get replacement plastic plugs and silicone feet.

replace when

  • uneven silicon feet or worn spots/holes in the silicon leg caps
  • hard plastic plug in the foot has visible cracks

buy replacement foot

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