guide: ness digital videos for every mood

a lot of people believe that variety is the spice of life and here at the ness, we couldn’t agree more. we aim for our content to reflect the constant flux of life by providing a plethora of classes that specifically align with what you need, when you need it.

a lot of people believe that variety is the spice of life and here at the ness, we couldn’t agree more. while our method does contain certain factors that remain constant, we also greatly emphasize the importance of fresh-ness.

in life, different days call for different priorities. in turn, this lends itself to different energies, mindsets, and focuses that naturally shift from day-to-day. while it is incredibly important to find consistency in a fitness routine, consistency does not need to equate to complacency. we aim for our content to reflect the constant flux of life by providing a plethora of classes that specifically align with what you need, when you need it.

whether you wake up feeling re-energized and craving a full 50 minute sweat party or find yourself hustling between zoom calls, digital has got you covered. below are some specific videos/video pairings that can help you get on the right foot, when you find yourself in the following scenarios.

busy day/time crunch
you know you’re swamped with meetings/calls/childcare back to back to back today, but you’re committed to giving yourself some you time. first of all, simplify your search and on the top drop-down menu select “class length” and determine what is realistic for you today.

if you will be sitting in a chair all day, i recommend colette's 10 min booty and legs focus #8. this standing sequence allows you to lengthen out and move through the backs of the legs.

if you’ve got time, level-up and pair it with jess’s 10 min ab focus #20. with a sneaky plank focus it's a full body workout in 20 min.

mentally overwhelmed/distracted
the last thing you can think about is remembering choreography. you feel a bit distracted with other obligations and know that you won’t be able to stay present for a brain-teaser.

try bounce [hiit]. these classes are a great way to boost your heart rate while focusing more on speed and repetition of a single movement, as opposed to heavy choreography. check out 30 min bounce [hiit] #1 or bounce [advanced] #18 with me. if you’ve got more time, try aly’s 50 min LIVE [hiit] replay. no matter what, have a towel on standby.

thinking cap *on*
alright, you are not playing today. you logged onto ness digital knowing you were craving a challenge. colette's 40 min bounce [advanced] #17 is NOT playing; all of the weight shifts and rocks offer that physical push and the quick transitions force the mind to stay present. if you’ve even got a little more time, this combo pairs quite nicely with aly’s 10 min stretch #14. this will allow you to send love and breath into those legs and hips after all that kicking.

end of a loooong day
ah, thank goodness for simple. whether you want or bounce or sculpt, that’s in your hands, but this specific section of the digital platform has quickly become a staple. simple videos allow you to strip away all the extraneous, all of the extra noise that you maybe don’t need/want after a long day and focus on those fundamentals and basics. simplicity is not to be confused with easy. these classes feature a slower pace which will allow you to let the day go and sink into your breath and not have to think *too* hard.

if you’re feeling a bounce, check out shaina’s simple bounce #1 featuring good refreshers on form, high reps to let that body work and a nice core finish. if sculpt is more your jam, try out serena’s simple sculpt #4: you’ll start standing and through movement, gradually progress down to the floor and seamlessly end in a luscious stretch.

traveling/zero equipment
get that sweat in using the power and strength of your own body. if you want a longer structure with more choreography based body-weight sequences, check out colette's 30 min ness sculpt #13. if you have a bit less time and space try a 10 min focus. i recommend aly’s focus #12 or her 10 min abs #6.

you’ve got time and want to party
sometimes you just want to have a smile on your face for the entirety of your workout. say hello to jess’s 50 min pop bounce (LIVE replay). this class is an intermediate/advanced level bounce journey. the beats will have you jamming, the choreography will have you grooving, and the energy will have you hype.

if you’ve got 50 min, try bounce [advanced] #11 with colette and aly. the energy is so radiant, you’ll be shocked that they aren’t actually in your living room with you. this class is fast-paced and while the combo has some tricky movements, these can be scaled down.

if you want to feel that same party hype sans trampoline try out colette's 30 min classic sculpt #9: when you get down to that plank series, let’s just say you’ll be HYPE.

perhaps when we’re sore, we need movement the most. give your muscles extra length and love.

if you’re noticing more tension in your hips and low back tightness, check out aly’s 15 min stretch: the supine spirals will leave you feeling lengthened through that spine and released through those legs.

at the ness, we acknowledge that different bodies need different focuses and hey, even the same body, the same person, also needs and wants variety. we eagerly create new-ness for you, so every time you come back to the mat, or trampoline, you’ll approach your workout in a way that honors you in that specific moment.


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