founder, trainer, ray of sunshine aly giampolo shares what the ness means to her. #myness

i thought i was going to come up with something more poignant when sitting down to write about my ness, until i realized that i was defeating the whole purpose by trying to come up with anything. you shouldn't have to struggle, rewrite, overreach to figure out your ness, because it's just you. exactly as you are, wherever you are in your day, your week, your life. it can be good, bad, iffy, and it's always okay because it's yours.

it may be simple, but my ness is realness. being real, authentic, yourself is vulnerable. for most of my life I was completely horrified to be myself. in school, i was teased for being a whole host of, what i now know to be meaningless, things - wearing purple plaid pants, having curly hair, being too happy all the time - that led me to believe that i was and would remain the punchline of everyone's jokes unless i changed who I was inside and out.

after a few years adulting and about a hundred episodes of Law and Order:SVU, i've learned that's not true and that children are very mean. more importantly though, founding and growing with the ness has shown me that when you let your realness shine, you give yourself the opportunity to truly connect with people. seeing the ness thrive, watching our incredible community all over the world embrace our method and our team as a part of their lives, reminds me of this every day.


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