founder, trainer, and beacon of wisdom colette dong shares what the ness means to her. #myness

#myness is the daily search for the ness itself.

by definition, the suffix ness denotes a quality or state of being. it's a feeling, a release, an ever evolving moment and that's why we choose to build our business around it. it's not about the constant goal of looking better, but it's about meeting myself where I am everyday and celebrating that person. it's about enhancing who I already am and finding the best daily version of myself.

i find #myness in our community, in our collective growth as a team, in the chase of the beat drop, in the energy of a group session and the intimacy of a private. it's not tangible, but it's always there like a little sprinkle of stardust settling in the air.

an energy that can’t be beat

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