check out what the ness community means to me (trainer and your neighborhood goober, Lil Aronoff)

#myness is unity, cohesion, wholeness.

a beautiful synchronicity among mind, body, and soul. it’s not exactly a tangible thing, or even an entity that exists solely in the “fitness” world. to me, the ness is an endless experience, a vibrating energy that fuels me: ALL of me.

my ness is that blissful harmony of immersing myself deeper into the movement and realizing, it’s so much more than just a workout. it’s the conversation between internal and external and my ability to remain present enough to genuinely listen to that dialogue. whether it is the physical strength of pushing past previously set limitations/doubts, the mental clarity of letting-go of that which does not serve me, or the exuding buzz of pure delight and serenity post-teaching, my ness is all of these and more: multidimensional, limitless, ever-changing. my ness reminds me to replenish myself, my full self, so that I have more than enough to give. when I am complete and fueled, i am able to share my most authentic, supportive energy to all those around me, and they, in turn, can share their energies. a continuous cycle of wholeness.

what a beautiful thing it is to be a part of something so comprehensive and profound, while simultaneously being something entirely profound as you are.

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