7 things I wish I knew before my first bounce class

Take a look at what fellow female founder, mother, craft extraordinaire, and long time client Dorian Walther Fish had to say.

I recently asked long time client Dorian Walther Fish to share the 7 things she wishes she knew before her first bounce class. Take a look at what this fellow female founder, mother and craft extraordinaire had to say.

  1. Everyone was once a beginner and we all have to start somewhere
  2. How addictive it would become
  3. That bouncing is a form of therapy and I’d be able to let go of my insecurities for that one hour, i.e afraid you might pee your pants, it’s ok, we’ve all been there; not the most coordinated, remember number 1?… I’m out of shape and can’t keep up, again, see number 1!
  4. I could actually enjoy working out and feel accomplished afterwards
  5. How my body would change in such small ways, even while pregnant!
  6. That my “gym” friends would become good friends
  7. A work out would keep me motivated and showing up through all that life throws at you including going into lock down, getting covid and pregnancy!

building a sculpt routine around bounce

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