trainer and human manifestation of sunshine, shaina mcgregor, shares what ness means to her.

my ness is authenticity, creativity, and freedom. for me it’s unapologetically being my whole self everyday because I am more than enough. when I confidently show up as myself, it holds space for clients to do the same. being authentic means being vulnerable, having an open heart and mind, and knowing who I am. i desire to create spaces that are filled with love and inspiration. i choose to do so. freedom is about having choices and recognizing that in every moment we have a choice in how we show up for ourselves and for others.

being my whole self means bringing creativity to the forefront. movement is expression, movement is healing, movement is connection. whenever I step on the mat or trampoline my creative juices get opportunities to explore; it’s exciting! it’s a beautiful synergy because not only am I creating, but the client is creating as well. so often we can live in our heads, allowing our logical brain to take over and overwhelm us. it’s liberating when we can dial that back and let our right brain, creativity, take over and move us closer to our hearts.

#myness is moving authentically and creatively, so i welcome you to do the same.


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