four really good reasons why low impact fitness is exactly what you’ve been looking for

By definition, low impact exercise is designed to put little or no harmful stress on the body, and it’s often…

By definition, low impact exercise is designed to put little or no harmful stress on the body, and it’s often assumed that because of this, it’s low intensity. Although there’s absolutely nothing wrong with low intensity movement, low impact workouts - such as bounce - can not only be high intensity, they are just as effective and often more beneficial to your overall physical health than high impact exercise.


You may not be training for the Olympics, but it seems safe to assume that most people would like to feel strong, steady, and mobile as long into life as possible. One of the greatest benefits of low impact movement is that it’s more sustainable than other types of exercise. Because your feet are either staying connected with the floor, think strength training, or landing on a soft surface, think bouncing on a trampoline, it is less likely to cause burnout or injuries. This allows you to maintain a safe and active lifestyle much later on in life. 

Improved bone health 

Though maintaining general mobility as you get older can be a concern, decreasing bone density or overall bone health is just as important to say on top of. The strength of your bones plays a major role in your stability and durability as you age. Studies have shown that low impact, weight bearing exercises such as functional strength training or bounce can not only help maintain healthy bone density, it can rebuild bone loss, keeping movers safe from severe injuries that come from falling later in life. I think we can all agree, that’s one less thing we’d like to worry about. 

Reduced join impact

While there are a number of advantages attributed to high impact fitness, low impact workouts are incredibly versatile, letting you develop a well rounded movement practice that ranges from aerobic and strength training, to mobility and flexibility training. The best part about it? These workouts are just as effective as high impact exercise, can be high intensity, but are gentler on your body helping to minimize stress on your knees, hips and other weight bearing joints. 

Accessible + Adaptable

Plain and simple, low impact workouts are easier on your body. They offer endless benefits with a decreased risk of injury making them both accessible for people of all fitness levels and abilities. This also leaves lots of wiggle room to get creative and adapt your movement if you have any pre-existing injuries or limitations.

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