introducing simple bounce + simple sculpt

sometimes taking it back to basics is exactly what we all need. whether you’re brand new to fitness, or a regular who just need to recalibrate with your intentions, the latest digital collection is curated just for you. warm welcome to “simple.”

simplicity is key. less is more. back to basics. cliches, yes, but all very true. that's why we are so excited to introduce the simple bounce and simple sculpt collections to the ness digital platform. seriously though, we are literally beaming - ready to throw a debutante ball for our newest additions. these collections are curated specifically for, but not limited to, clients who are new to fitness, those who have a little more life experience, or those who just like to move at a slower pace. even if you've been mastering advanced classes on the regular, taking a step back and keeping it simple is the perfect way to recalibrate the way you approach bounce or sculpt. check out some things you'll find in a simple bounce or sculpt class before you give it a try.

simple bounce

- slower beats: in our standard bounce collections, the first bounce song is usually within the range of 120-123 beats per minute, climbing up into the 130's (140's if we're feeling savage) by the end of class. in simple bounce the bpm range is 115-124, allowing you to focus on the form and placement of each individual move at a slower pace.

- high bounce: because we always want to make the most of your 30 minutes with us, we don't often take high bounce breaks in class. in simple bounce we offer multiple high bounce breaks and take them with you so we can all breathe, reenergize, and reap the increased lymphatic drainage benefits

- minimal single leg movements: if you've ever seen a video of a ness trainer executing a full combination you already know we love kicks of all kinds. float kicks, rock kicks, fan kicks, we don't discriminate. in simple bounce we contain ourselves and keep the single leg movements to a minimum, so you can focus on the two footed moves that make up the fundamentals of bounce.

simple sculpt

- more modifications: as a rule of thumb, we always offer modifications in sculpt. we know that not every movement feels good on every body and want to be sure you have options. in simple sculpt we make sure there are modifications a plenty so no matter where you are in your fitness journey, you will feel accomplished and strong after every class

- slower movement: don't get it twisted, we love to move quickly in sculpt; it kicks the heart rate higher and gives us the sweat we crave. in simple sculpt we take things slow, wining and dining your body to help you find perfect form rather than rushing into faster movements before you're ready.

up for a challenge? we’ve got you

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