introducing bounce [hiit]

formally introducing bounce [hiit]: less choreo focus, just as much, dare we say more, spice.

did you know we have an advanced bounce offering that doesn’t revolve around a combo? i can say it again for the people in the back: we developed a class that isn’t focused on choreography! don’t worry, you don’t need to check our temp, we are not ill - we’re just finally, formally introducing bounce [hiit].

we’ve spent the last few months workshopping bounce [hiit], refining it to bring you the perfect mix of high intensity interval training using the trampoline and, of course, a smattering of mini combinations throughout class. I said the combo is not the main focus, not that there wasn’t one. bounce [hiit] steps away from endurance training, which is usually our MO in bounce class, and challenges you to move as big and as fast as possible for short intervals with rest in between. here are a few things you can expect from our bounce [hiit] class:

1. quick beats: even though this class has built in rest periods we still want you to move to the music. we’ll bring our fastest beats to help you stay motivated to give your all during the interval work

2. simple combos: as I mentioned, building and learning an intricately choreographed combination is not the focus of bounce [hiit]. when the time does come for a mini combo, expect it to be short and sweet. these combos will incorporate simple movements so you can push yourself to execute each one with power and speed.

3. high and low impact: you will see a mix of high and low impact movements in bounce [hiit]. don’t worry if high impact is not for you; our expert trainers will always offer a low impact modification so you have options throughout class.

if you haven’t already, be sure to check out one of our bounce [hiit] classes either live via zoom every week or on the ness digital platform.

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