Five Sculpt Classes That You Can Do Anywhere

As yet another year winds down, the holidays have arrived faster than you can say, “it just flew by so…

As yet another year winds down, the holidays have arrived faster than you can say, "it just flew by so fast in every conversation." Our time outside of work fills up with friendsgivings, family gatherings and the travel that comes with making these events happen, taking us away from our regular in person or at home workout routines.

Though it might not be practical to carry your favorite workout equipment with you wherever you go this holiday season, it doesn’t mean that your entire movement routine has to pause until the new year. You may only know the ness or be a member of the ness digital community because of our unending zest for bouncing on mini trampolines, but what you might not know is that we also have a robust library of effective, fun, low impact sculpt classes that require no equipment at all! They are perfect for when you’re on the road or if your holiday schedule has left you with a little less time to focus on movement. 

Check out these five travel friendly sculpt classes that will keep you moving no matter what your holiday season looks like:

Upper Body Focus #61

Only have 10 minutes to spare? Try this spicy upper body focus with Lil that squeezes in some cardio footwork to kick your heartrate up another notch 

Ness Stretch #4

Perhaps last night's company holiday party got a little rowdier than expected, and you know moving will make you feel better, but you're not ready to get all the way up off the floor.  This juicy ness stretch with Jess will get the juices flowing and leave you ready to take on your next round of festivities. 

Ness Sculpt #38

Bunking in close quarters with family or friends? Check out this ness sculpt with Colette that only takes up the space of a mat but will get you sweaty in no time. 

Simple Sculpt #8

Spending extra time with friends and family who may not enjoy regular movement in their lives, is a perfect time to remind them that effective workouts don't have to be daunting, they can be fun! So grab your bestie, mom, brother, or great aunt Julie and have a good time with this ness simple ness sculpt with Jovan.

Cardio Sculpt #26

Feeling sad without your trampoline? This sweaty, no equipment cardio sculpt with Aly will leave you just as sweaty as your favorite bounce class. 

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