finding presence in your workout

because working out encompasses so much more than the physical. at the ness, we believe in challenging your body as well as your mind. our method brings you movement as full and multifaceted as life.

remember when you were a kid and the ultimate sign of intense focus was being able to pat your head with one hand and circle your belly button with the other at the same time? little did you know that mastering this exercise proved your ability to be completely in the moment. well, you’re in the big leagues now, and here at the ness we like to challenge your ability to be present with even more complex moves that will test your mind & body and leave you feeling that same level of achievement you felt as a kid (and with even more added benefits).

let’s talk about being present. what we love so much about our method is how we manage to combine high reps with varying movement, thereby keeping you completely in the moment. by constantly needing your motor responses to be in check, there is no time for the mind to wander. in class, we guide you through each movement with such precision that you are able to train the mind and the body to execute movements in real time. this learned practice of receiving and executing simultaneously also yields a certain level of discipline. in each rep, you are challenged to maintain proper form and alignment in order to achieve the desired range of motion. you, and only you, can make this happen. being in the moment is of course easier said than done, but then again, you didn’t come here for “easy”. you threw on ness digital or popped into a live class to set aside time FOR YOU. your time and energy is sacred, so it’s crucial for you to be able to tap into the present moment when allocating this time for your self-betterment.

at the end of the day, we want to see you thrive. we want you to feel your best, physically and mentally. becoming mentally present while working out not only holds you to a higher standard of function, but it also empowers you to move throughout your day with ease. whether it be nailing that arm combo in class, or feeling more focused for your first meeting of the day, the benefits of being present can have a real impact on whatever you set out to achieve.

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