3 zero equipment travel sculpt moves you can do anywhere and everywhere

add these 3 go-to sculpt moves to your packing list for your next trip: no equipment (and minimal space) needed

traveling is often a welcomed shift in energy, but there is still something to be said about maintaining the habits that make us feel good even when we are taken out of our day to day routine. movement is definitely one of those things that can (& should!) make us feel our best, so incorporating low impact no equipment sculpt moves into a vacation can help you feel your best. whether it’s a full 30 minute digital (i.e. 30 minute classic sculpt #1 with Colette) or just a few reps, these are 3 go-to sculpt moves for traveling that you can squeeze in anywhere.

#1 lateral lunge, passe balance

this move is great because it allows you to find both expansiveness and stability. finding a deep lateral lunge wakes up the lower body and allows you to take up space, which feels extra luxurious after sitting on a long flight! the passe balance creates length and focus as you ground down through your standing heel to center both body and mind.

#2 standing side crunch

no mat, no problem...because who doesn’t love abs? standing side crunches are the perfect way to fire up obliques with minimal space and equipment. finding length through center, mobility as you fold side to side, and an exhale on each side bend gets that core fully engaged, spine flowing, and lungs taking advantage of that fresh vacation air!

#3 plank walkout

walkouts are the perfect low-impact movement to energize you for a long day of travel, a full itinerary of adventures, or spike the heart rate before a relaxing day of lounging & cocktails (hello vacation!). whatever your travels have in store for you, your full body will be buzzing with a quick spike of the heart rate!

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