your[ness] reset 2022

a four week program | may 2nd – may 30th 2022

program information


takes place online/on demand
reset starts may 2nd and ends may 30th
program lasts four weeks
32 new and exclusive 45 minute classes not offered anywhere else on our platform
bounce, sculpt and mixed tracks available
includes classes for all levels
access to community page to keep you motivated and accountable
reset specific perks from select partners
is not included in the ness digital subscription and must be rented for $28.99 (60 days access)
portion of the proceeds donated to This is About Humanity
trampoline needed for bounce track
mat and light weights needed for sculpt track

what to expect from reset


Spring is a time for rejuvenation, in nature and in culture. We peel off our winter coats and turn our faces to the sun; we throw open the windows and let fresh air in while we take on spring cleaning at home. Join us this reset as we shift our focus from the physical world and set out for an emotional spring cleaning, exploring rejuvenation from within.

Week 1: Taking inventory

bounce track: bounce stability #1, bounce essentials #2, bounce hiit #3, bounce intermediate# 4
sculpt track: ness sculpt 1#, classic sculpt #2, mat sculpt #3, cardio sculpt #4
mixed track: bounce essentials #2, ness sculpt #1, bounce intermediate #4, cardio sculpt #4

Week 2: Cleansing

bounce track: bounce essentials #1, bounce hiit #2, bounce intermediate #3, bounce essentials #4
sculpt track: cardio sculpt #1, classic sculpt #2, cardio sculpt #3, ness sculpt #4
mixed track: bounce hiit #2, cardio sculpt #1, bounce intermediate #3, classic sculpt #2

Week 3: Evaluating

bounce track: bounce intermediate #1, bounce stability #2, bounce intermediate #3, bounce advanced #4
sculpt track: classic sculpt 1#, cardio sculpt #2, ness sculpt #3, mat sculpt #4
mixed track: bounce intermediate #1, ness sculpt #3, bounce advanced #4, mat sculpt #4

Week 4: Rebuilding

bounce track: bounce hiit #1, bounce intermediate #2, bounce advanced #3, bounce advanced #4
sculpt track: ness sculpt #1, cardio sculpt #2, ness sculpt #3, cardio sculpt #4
mixed track: bounce advanced #3, cardio sculpt #2, bounce advanced #4, cardio sculpt #4

this is about humanity


A portion of the proceeds from this program are donated to This is About Humanity, a community of allies and advocates dedicated to raising awareness about separated and reunified families and children at the U.S.-Mexico border and beyond. Below are their upcoming efforts that your reset funds are directly supporting. 

June Pride Month Matching Grant Campaign: We are proud and honored to work with our LGBTQIA+ shelter parters at the U.S.-Mexico border who have made a home for all asylum seekers regardless of how they identify or whom they love. Historically for Pride month, TIAH has partnered with The Little Market and Story Place for matching grant campaigns. We are grateful to have supported Casa Arcoiris, Centro Ser, It Gets Better Mexico, COBINA, and Casa de Lux with our Pride campaigns. In 2022, we will grant $25,0000 to 5 different LGBTQ+ shelters and community centers.
July Mental Health Campaign: TIAH will once again host a Mental Health Matching Grant campaign. We will be funding mental health service programs serving children and adolescents in the U.S.-Mexico border region. Most recently, TIAH partnered with Fundación CAAAREM and the International Community Foundation on a 2:1 matching grant campaign which supported mental health services for children at the border.
September Food Security Matching Grant Campaign: TIAH will host another Food Insecurity Matching Grant to raise money to serve 300,000 meals to our community at the U.S.-Mexico border. TIAH has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to combat food insecurity during previous matching grant campaigns.

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