Reset 2024 will kick off on Monday, May 6th

As May approaches, so does the launch of one of our biggest programs of the year - your ness reset. Our annual reset is a four week program designed to guide you through movement with renewed intention to amplify the wonderful person you already are.

This year's reset is all about tapping into your big dreams, creativity, and joy to be your biggest you. Sometimes it’s easier to focus on the little, manageable things in life letting routine, safety, and comfort guide us, but what happens when we actively curate vastness and possibility by tapping into our biggest dreams, our creativity, and our joy? 

Each week is powered by a new intention that you’ll explore through reflection and movement. Take a peek at what we have in store for you this year.

Week 1: take inventory

Week 2: actively choose to dream big

Week 3: make goals & make it happen

Week 4: celebrate & stay curious

Reset 2024 will kick off on Monday, May 6th, with each week offering bounce, sculpt and mixed tracks comprised of four new 45 minute on demand videos. Though our other special programs are included in the ness digital subscription, your ness reset is only available to rent for subscribers and non subscribers. That’s because every year we donate a portion of the proceeds to an organization we love. This year we’ll be supporting the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science

IADMS is an inclusive organization for professionals who care for those who dance by evolving best practices in dance science, education, research, and medical care to support optimal health, well-being, training, and performance.

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