What’s On Your Mind With Emily H. Rudman.

Emilie Heathe is my effort to redefine the growing sustainable beauty market with luxury and inclusivity.

June is here and summer is just a few weeks away. Does that feel exciting or a telling reminder of how quickly the year is zooming by? Either way our monthly series of What's On Your Mind? is still in full swing and for June we got the chance to kick it with Emily H. Rudman, founder and CEO of Emilie Heathe- a clean, luxury, and inclusive beauty brand. As a company also focused on the inclusivity of wellness and living boldly, we knew we were in for a treat when sitting down with Emily.

Emily says that, "As a child, I loved comic books. The bold colors and superheroes allowed me to daydream, and soon I was drawing my own characters. As I grew up, I swapped my pencils for makeup brushes and found a new medium for creative self-expression."

Emily turned to makeup for an authentic outlet of creative expression, first as a hair and makeup stylist and later, as a product developer for major brands like AVON and Bobbi Brown. After graduating with an MBA from Columbia University, it was time for her to take everything she learned and create her own brand.

"Emilie Heathe is my effort to redefine the growing sustainable beauty market with luxury and inclusivity."

Whether you are bouncing on a trampoline or experimenting with lipstick shades, you too are embracing creative expression. We hope this series continues to inspire you as much as hearing from these incredible founder's inspires us.

Let’s get into what Emily had to say.

What's one way you find your joy in movement?

I love dancing. It makes me feel free and happy and I never get tired of it. I love all kinds of movement, from yoga to martial arts, but dance is definitely my favorite. I especially love house and hip-hop styles. 

What's the best piece of self-care advice you've ever received?

Multitasking will burn you out! If you feel like you can do 10 things at once, you should really only be doing 2. In other words, learn to say “no.”

How do you stay creative, inspired, motivated in your day-to-day life?

My team really helps me to keep motivated. I also like to take us out of the office as much as possible and work from different spaces or visit museums, brand activations, etc. When I’m feeling really burnt out, I practice the “art of doing nothing” to help reset my mind and become more in tune with what I love. 

What's the biggest lesson you've learned as a founder?

I repeat this to my team often, but to quote another founder, I have 4 main responsibilities: hire, inspire, retain, and never run out of money. 

What does community mean to you? And how do you go about finding your own?

Community to me means support and camaraderie. Shared interests help but is not a must. I have joined various groups, collectives and events to connect and create a shared community. The one that has been the most consistent and strongest in recent years has been my core group at Chief.

We also hit Emily with 5 Rapid Fire Questions!

What are you:

Reading: Branded Beauty: How Marketing Changed the Way We Look. 

Watching: Succession and reruns of Castle

Listening to: Anything new or trending on Tiktok and a lot of Disney tunes because of my daughter. 

Learning about: New AI Technologies

Traveling to: I’m homebound at the moment as I’m 7 months pregnant, but I’m looking forward to a trip out to the Hamptons for a wedding in June!

To learn more about Emily and Emilie Heathe, check out the website here

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