Trainer Takeover: Jess’ picks

This month’s picks come from Jess, head trainer and high kick aficionado.

Welcome back to ness trainer takeovers, where one of our incredible team members curates a selection of their favorite digital classes just for you. This month's picks come from Jess - head trainer and high kick aficionado. Check out her top digital picks!

advanced duo #7 | where is my belly button

  • The energizing, digestion boosting twists in this duo are the perfect kickstart to a new week! The core focus sets me up safely for a full week of movement ahead. It’s the perfect class to get a nice balance of bounce, sculpt, and full body activation from the core to start the week feeling my best!

cardio sculpt #19 | planks & prances

  • It probably surprises no one that I love cardio, so cardio sculpt is one my favorite ness offerings! My heart rate up and sweat is dripping after the first series in this full body workout, but I specifically love the 360 core activation Lil helps me access as she takes us through standing, planking, and supine series during 30 minutes of cardio spice!

upper body focus #56 | midday dance break

  • Midweek I love taking a long dog walk paired with some focus videos. The name of this one says it all! There’s something so empowering about equipment-free & only needing the resistance of your own body to create fire in your muscles - the added bonus is Colette tricks me into thinking it’s nothing but a dance party making this one both fun, effective, & easy to do anytime/anywhere!

core focus #46 | bicycle disco

  • This core focus is a tried and true favorite that I’ve done more times than I care to admit. I can continue to use nothing but my own body to feel strong, this time while laying it down with some unique deconstructed bicycle patterns that keep me mentally engaged and the core physically engaged!

bounce hiit #11 | simple combo, core circuit

  • If you haven’t noticed I love a core focus! This is because I’ve struggled with low back issues, which stem from gripping my hips instead of engaging my core when I get fatigued during busy teaching weeks. Training myself to engage my core when taking class is the best way to create sustainable, good habits to fire up the core instead of the hip flexors and keep myself injury free! Shaina’s simpler combos help me keep my brain focused on proper form and her motivation is the perfect push!

ness stretch #7 | deep squat release

  • By this point in the week, my body always needs a deep stretch and no matter how much I say I can stretch on my own I need someone else to hold me accountable. Colette guides me through this 30 minute full body release that feels both grounding and luxurious for my muscles, joints, and brain.

ness sculpt #36 | back body & burpees

  • I like to travel on the weekends, so a good equipment free sculpt that I can do anywhere to wake up the brain and body is just what I’m looking for on day 6! Aly keeps me mentally engaged with upper and lower body coordination, while the long build of a ness sculpt sequence never fails to keep the sweat and the fun flowing!

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