the power of choreography

learning and memorizing combinations within our method allows you to build strength and endurance, physically, as well as stamina and presence, mentally.

at the ness, we believe in the power of choreography. not only because we stand firm in the idea that fitness should be creative and fun, but because blending choreographic elements into fitness has a number of physical and mental benefits. in each of our bounce classes we curate choreographed combinations of varying intricacies to ensure mental engagement. you know that feeling when you’ve been driving and you reach your destination, but you can’t remember how you got there? if while you're in class your mind wanders to your schedule for the day or what you forgot on your grocery list, when you come to you’ll realize you have missed the addition of a new move in the sequence and suddenly you’re two steps behind. by learning and memorizing a combination through repetition you are not only building strength and endurance in your body, you’re getting a workout for your brain, arguably the most important muscle (well, organ) of all. incorporating the key ingredient of mental engagement can allow a high energy workout to become a place of focus and zen.

if it's not something you do on a regular basis, committing a sequence of movements to memory while you're exercising can seem like an impossible feat of multitasking, and on an unstable surface, like the trampoline, it can be challenging or even intimidating. enter ness sculpt where we've translated this ideology to our signature toning sessions for a fresh take on sculpt. throughout a ness sculpt you work to build one long combination for the entirety of the session, just like a bounce class; this pushes you to stay present in every moment of your sweat rather than zoning out in a pulse and squeeze. trying a ness sculpt is a great way to ease into the choreographed aspect of our method, allowing you to first master routines with more familiar and grounded movements. within a ness sculpt you get all the full body goodness, and burn, of a classic sculpt with the added twist of choreography, making it the perfect complement to bounce.

the benefits of using the trampoline for balance

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