The benefits of rebounding

there are a number of benefits from spending time on the trampoline.   

mental, emotional and physical stamina

although everyone’s personal goals and results are different, there are a number of benefits from spending time at the ness.

all of our classes work on engaging the body and mind by building combinations, helping to improve memory, sensory awareness and coordination.   

low impact, high intensity

the greatest benefit of bounce includes the low impact cardiovascular challenge. when you bounce, your heart and muscles work without strain on the joints because the trampoline absorbs the impact of your landing.

lymphatic drainage

the lymphatic system removes toxins and waste from the body. because the lymph system is not self sustaining it relies on us to drain and circulate lymph fluid throughout the body.

our beat based trampoline cardio challenges you to lift away and drive your feet back to the trampoline in a downward motion in a variety of positions. this action gives the lymphatic system the push it needs to circulate properly.

Should I bounce with or without sneakers?

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