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Starting a journey is often the scariest part so first of all, well done and welcome home! Now that you’re…

Starting a journey is often the scariest part so first of all, well done and welcome home! Now that you’re here, it’s just as important to make sure you’re prepared for this road ahead to ensure continued momentum and motivation. Despite preparation, there will always be inevitable challenges along the way, but following the structure of our method will guide you to build strength (and confidence) in the most efficient, useful, and oh so joyful manner. 

Let’s equate simple bounce the fundamentals of our method to putting on your seatbelt. When you’re learning to drive, this may seem like a no-brainer, but despite how eager you are to drive, you still put your seatbelt on. No matter how experienced and confident you get behind the wheel, you’ll still always start by putting on your seatbelt. 

Simple bounce will provide you with the tools and confidence you need to execute our method safely. You’ll be introduced to the key elements of bounce, an often entirely new and unfamiliar modality, that will allow you to build and work in a sustainable way: both mentally and physically. While each simple bounce class is unique, here are the consistent elements:

Reviewing the basics: In simple bounce, you’ll always begin with an overview of some of the individual moves that you can find in our basics category. These moves make up our bounce vocabulary, so familiarizing yourself with them will allow you to more confidently continue on your bounce journey. Early on, you will rely heavily on your instructor’s vocal/visual cueing to commit each move to muscle memory, but through repetition, each action will effortlessly pair with its name. 

Slower pace: the goal right now is not to move as quickly as possible, but rather to start feeling comfortable on an entirely new piece of equipment. You’re already learning a whole new vocabulary so we eliminate the element of speed to remove some stress, giving you more space to focus your mental energy on the movement.  

Repetition: Completing many repetitions of each individual move allows your body to create pathways that instill the form. As you learn, do, and then repeat, repeat, repeat, you’ll begin trusting yourself on the trampoline. Form will become second nature and you can think less about how to execute the movement and more about how to connect deeper to the sensations of the movement.

Although simple bounce was designed for people newly on their fitness journey, new to bounce specifically, coming back from injuries/surgeries/etc, it is entirely non-exclusive. Seatbelts on y’all, let’s go back to basics because this class is truly for anyone and everyone

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