trainer and pop-queen jessica aronoff shares what the ness community means to her. #myness

when thinking about #myness, it’s difficult to find a single word to represent all that the ness is, but at the same time all the feelings I associate with the ness flow from one keyword: connection.

#myness is connection: connection to myself & connection to my community.

#myness is connection to myself: my physical body and my mental wellness. we move to feel good, we move to feel strong, we move to challenge ourselves, we move to release energy. at some point or another we’ve all forgotten that fitness is about taking care of our bodies, not punishing our bodies. the movement philosophy of the ness and the workouts connect me back to the joy, healing, and empowerment of movement. i feel connected and aware of each sweaty, tingling muscle in my body and also to the why of my workout, which carries intention, focus, and good energy into the rest of my day!

#myness is connection to my community. during an especially challenging and isolating year, my connection to the ness community deepened. we share energy with each other and inspire each other to take 10 minutes or 50 minutes to do something good for ourselves on the mat and on the trampoline. moving, breathing, and challenging ourselves TOGETHER is what the workout is all about, but beyond that it is what life is all about. i feel connected to this community who inspires & uplifts each other whether its a #thenessdigital instagram story or just a DM to send love, a sweat session together or the post workout hang...we are there for each other for the workout and beyond!

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