burnt-out? let’s talk pace

Reframe that dated “all or nothing” mindset and acknowledge that you need to give less energy in some outlets so that you can give more in other things. As you continue to learn your limits, you’ll also learn to live as the fullest version of yourself.

One month into the new year, but somehow the motivation and spark behind your resolutions already starts to dwindle. Sound familiar? That “go-go-go” mindset, paired with expectations of what you were “supposed” to accomplish are working against you and will likely leave you overwhelmed, burnt out, and wondering how the heck it’s still only January. Breathe. As you’ve probably heard us say a few (hundred?) times in class, of course you need to push yourself, but more importantly, pace yourself.

If you started the year out at your maximum intensity, where is the space to grow? Telling yourself you must only go up from here is setting yourself up for disappointment. Acknowledge that you are an ever-changing being, so even your “100% energy level” is changing. What you’re able to give each day, mentally and physically, will vary, and it should (you’re a human, not a robot). The most important thing about approaching resolutions, especially fitness-related, is not about how quickly you achieve the end-goal. More often than not, giving yourself a strict timeline will completely take the joy and learning out of the most important aspect: the process. It’s less about checking-off those “to-do’s” for the short-term, and more about cultivating a deeper level of understanding and appreciation for movement that will benefit you indefinitely.

First off, let’s drop the misconception that routine = rigidity. Think of your routine as water within the confines of a glass. For the most part, the water stays stable and level, however certain external elements have the ability to disrupt the water: ie. picking up the glass, bumping into the glass, etc. Just as these disruptions create a shift in the water, life will sometimes force your routine to adjust. Let’s say you’re a consistent bouncer and you’ve found that a spicy bounce [hiit] class every Wednesday leaves you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the second half of your week. It’s time for [hiit], but an email rolls in and your boss just moved the deadline for that final report. Frustrated? Yes, but try to let go of any thoughts resembling “I needed to. I didn’t. Now I failed." Of course the consistency of a routine creates strength, physically through repetition, and mentally, through discipline, but there is so much more importance in acknowledging the flexibility that must coexist with sustainability. Rather than wasting your energy on fighting circumstances out of your control, pour that energy into what you can control, full presence in your next bounce or sculpt class.

Times when you feel motivated, but know you want a bit more accountability, take on a program or challenge. Weeks when you know you’ll be busier, focus on quality, not quantity: give your absolute presence for the entirety of a 45- min class and know that this mindfulness holds way more value than distractedly taking three classes. Allow yourself the space to adapt to situations at hand. At the ness, we want you to open your eyes, your heart, your soul because the beauty of this method is in the journey. It’s the gradual build of BPMs, the seamless transition between your squat and lunge, the breathe that carries you through each class, and the ever-changing pace that you set, push, and shift.

Expect that there will be moments in your life where fitness may need to take the back-burner as you prioritize other aspects (ie. work, family). Reframe that dated “all or nothing” mindset and acknowledge that you need to give less to some things so that you can give more to other things. Allocating your energy wisely is what will allow you to continue discovering your limits, as you learn how much, and where, you need to pour your energy, in order to continue feeling like the fullest version of yourself.

perfection is out; progress is in

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